Cash & Profit Management

  • Are you ever concerned about your cash flow?
  • Do you know how much work you need just to break even?
  • Do you know how much profit you made last month?

Would you like to know how much profit you are likely to make next month?

Would you like to know how your cash flow will look over the next few months?

We are Management Accountants and are trained to look for the key elements of your business,

We can help you to:

  • Create budgets to help you control the business
  • Work with you to identify the "key drivers" that are crucial to your business
  • Use the key drivers and the budget to help you forecast how your cash and profit will look going forward
  • Develop an accounting system that will be capable of producing monthly accounts so that your progress can be monitored

This is a management information system and is often referred to as management accounts. That is because the purpose is to produce information to help you to manage your business, rather than just doing accounts once per year to help get your tax bill calculated.

Taking the time to develop a management information system can help a profitable business become very profitable or help turn around a loss making business.

Of course one of the other benefits of a system like this is that it becomes much easier to produce your annual accounts, because they are done as you go through the year!